Why CISCE’s Publications are Important for Class 10

Hello everyone! You may have heard your friends or teachers talking about going through the Pupils’ Analysis or Specimen Question Papers issued by the CISCE. Well, in our opinion, it’s imperative that you go through both of these.

The Analysis of Pupil Performance published by the Council every year for ICSE as well as ISC gives the suggested/sample/model answers that examiners are looking for in a student’s answer sheet, regarding the past year’s exam paper. Here, teachers who have corrected last year’s answer sheets of students provide their inputs to help fellow teachers and students improve their performance. It shows how one should write his/her answers during the exam, the format, the relevant points to include, the diagrams which one should include, etc. Please do go through the analysis! It will give you a clear insight regarding where students make mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Further, the Specimen Question Papers are also helpful as they give an idea regarding the question paper pattern/format, style of questions asked, etc.

You will find both of these at the following link:

Important CISCE Publications

I was unaware of the Pupils’ Analysis during my tenth grade (ICSE), but it helped me much during my twelfth grade (ISC) and I highly recommend you check it out at least once. As I had scanned through the Specimen Papers before my exams when I was in tenth grade, I had felt that a couple questions were asked from the Specimen Paper during my Board exam, but I hadn’t tallied both papers (the actual and the specimen) to check for sure. So, don’t take these lightly! You’ll learn much by going through these two publications by the Council.

Also, spread the word about them to fellow classmates and friends who may not be aware of them! 🙂


Note: You are forbidden to reproduce any part of this work without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 


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13 thoughts on “Why CISCE’s Publications are Important for Class 10

  1. Rishabh says:

    Will chapters which have already been asked before in boards exams, repeated in coming year for English literature ?

    Only four stories and four poems are those, which had never been asked by ICSE. So, are there any chances that other chapters can be repeated.


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Rishabh,

      Yes, you never know what they may ask. We would suggest you focus equally on all chapters/poems, and maybe more on the ones which haven’t been asked yet. Do exercise your own discretion before making any decision, though!

      Hope this helped, and all the best for your exams. 🙂


  2. Ishika Dey says:

    I got 83.3 percent in my preboards. Can you plz tell me the estimate around what shall I get in my boards? I just can’t image a percentage below 95 percent. I actually have another problem, which is that I gave a biology exam recently in which I found questions out of the book Concise Biology. I asked the teacher about it, to which she told that I shall follow other books like Together With Biology, Self Study With Biology and etc. I don’t have time to do the same so would you plz help me out of the situation and tell me what shall I do? Waiting for your help … Thank you


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Ishika,

      We hope you have been keeping yourself updated with our Twitter feed, where we are addressing such concerns of students with a view to reach a larger audience.

      ‪There certainly isn’t time to open up new books and practice from them. Hence, keep faith that the books to which you have referred also cover the same topic and are no less informative. Have faith in the knowledge that you have acquired.‬ Keep revising from your notes and textbooks in which you have underlined, etc. Also go through past papers and school papers that you have written in the past year.

      Hope this helps! Do contact us in case of further questions. All the best for your exams. You’ll do great! 🙂


  3. Shreyanshu Harit says:

    We should depend on pupils analysis but not entirely
    Sometimes they are wrong
    U can take example of question3 in analysis of icse 2015 chemistry.
    Here the question is something and the answers are entirely different(wrong).


  4. Somosree Mal says:

    Every time in my chemistry and physics examination I don’t have enough time to complete the paper in the examination hall. I have started practicing with last five years of those subjects at home and I can complete the whole of it in two hours time but I am still not confident enough or rather I am scared that it might again happen this time also. So could you suggest me a way to overcome my fear.


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Somosree,

      Apologies for the delayed reply!

      Since you have practiced multiple times, there is no need to be scared. A strategy that was suggested by our teachers was to take the time available to you, e.g. 180 minutes, subtract 10 minutes for revision time, so you get 170 minutes; and then divide those 170 minutes by the number of maximum marks, e.g. 80, so you get 170/80 = 2.125 minutes per mark, which is approximately 2 minutes per mark. Now, based on the maximum marks per questions, e.g. 5 marks, dedicate that much time to that question, so 5*2 = 10 minutes. If you overshoot that time limit, then leave some space and move on to the next question. If you are about to finish answering the question, then finish it and then make sure you quicken your speed to complete the next question before time. Always keep a watch in front of you on the desk. I prefer that to wearing one on my wrist.

      Hope this makes sense! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll do great, so don’t worry. All the best! 🙂


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Jagjeet,

      Yes, of course! You must have been studying throughout the year in terms of attending classes, doing the homework, giving tests, etc. so you are certainly not at the starting line. Revision is definitely key, and if you revise well and keep practicing, then you can certainly score well. However, don’t keep picking up new books to study from – stick to the books from which you have already studied and revise those plus your own notes or notes from the blog.

      Hope this helps! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. All the best for your preparation, and do keep visiting. 🙂


  5. Vineet says:

    Hi. I am confused whether I had written sub-question number in English essay. If I had not
    written do I will get marks on it or not.


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Vineet,

      We are not sure how the examiners check the papers, but we doubt that they will be so cruel as to not give marks for the essay. Hopefully, the topic is discernible from your essay. Take care from now care, and stop worrying about this, now. Good luck for the rest of your exams. 🙂


  6. Mustafa says:

    Hello. So there are about 20-ish days left for the boards, i know the portion as well. But I am NOT confident AT ALL. I feel I will get a nervous breakdown soon. Please guide how should I prepare , my weak subjects are Math and Chem. A 95+ is what i expect from myself…


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Hi there!

      We’d suggest that you practice solved examples or write previous years’ question papers for both subjects. For Math, it will give you practice and improve your time management whereas for Chemistry, it will cover important and detailed aspects of the syllabus.

      Hope this helps! Stay strong and keep moving forward. Good luck! 🙂

      Keep visiting!


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