Geography: Water Resources (NOTES)

Recently, one of our readers, Mr. Pranav Yadav, expressed his wish to contribute notes for the blog. He, along with Ms. Michelle Sequeira, has compiled the following notes on Water Resources.We are grateful for readers like them who, through their willingness and hard work, are keen to share their notes with fellow students. We would like to … Continue reading Geography: Water Resources (NOTES)


Geography: How to Solve Topographical Maps (NOTES)

On a reader’s request, here is a website ( written by Mr. BR Hector Pinto, a Geography teacher at Don Bosco ICSE School, Chitradurga, which  gives the thorough basics to solving a topography map.  It also has solved questions and answers regarding topography. Do check out the following posts! You will definitely find it easier to … Continue reading Geography: How to Solve Topographical Maps (NOTES)

Geography: Climate of India (NOTES)

I heartily thank my former geography teacher, Mr. B**** N****** C******, for the following notes. I have added my inputs on the side according to my knowledge. Hence, we are not liable for any errors that may have crept in. Thank you! Here’s a link to the PDF file for the aforementioned notes: NOTES - … Continue reading Geography: Climate of India (NOTES)

Geography: Last-minute Tips

Here are a few last-minute tips for writing your Geography exam: * Do not overwrite in your maps. Mark the asked things lightly so that you can erase it easily if you feel like changing your answer. * Make sure you label diagrams (if any) and things in the map in capital/uppercase letters. * Check … Continue reading Geography: Last-minute Tips

Geography: Minerals of India (NOTES)

Below is a PDF of a table we made to make it easier to learn the locations of various places rich in the given minerals. Please note that the information given in this table is based solely on our knowledge and material which we collected from various Geography textbooks. The information may not be up … Continue reading Geography: Minerals of India (NOTES)