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Chemistry: Organic Chemistry: Conversions (Notes)

Namaste and hello! We are back with some handwritten notes on Conversions for Organic Chemistry. Through our interactions with the past batches of ICSE, we have come to understand that students really require notes for Chemistry. Whether it is because they find it a subject requiring guidance or there aren't easy to understand notes available … Continue reading Chemistry: Organic Chemistry: Conversions (Notes)

ICSE Result 2018 | Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10) @icsehelpline101 | Image Source: Quotefancy

ICSE Result 2018

Hello everyone! This time around, I thought I would communicate with you post the Board result. Now that more than eight hours have passed since the result came out, take a few seconds to ask yourself how you feel. Did you achieve the result you wanted? Yes? No? Missed it only by a slight mark? … Continue reading ICSE Result 2018

My board exams are over. Now what? | Post Board Exams | Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10) | @icsehelpline101

My board exams are over. Now what?

  Just gave your last Class 10 board exam and are now wondering what to do? Agreed, there are endless possibilities! To get you thinking, we have put together several ways how you can spend your vacation and make it most productive. If you have more ideas, do share in the comments section below!    … Continue reading My board exams are over. Now what?

Biology: Last-Minute Tips

Here are a few last-minute tips for writing your Biology exam:   Write to-the-point, and don’t elaborate unnecessarily. If you have extra time, then include diagrams where relevant and applicable (even when they haven't been asked for in the question). Underline important keywords, words that you are defining, and any technical terms. So make sure you revise … Continue reading Biology: Last-Minute Tips

Your Story #3

We received Akshay's story in the month of March 2017 and are thankful to him for sharing his experience with us. We are delighted to be finally publishing his story for you to read as a part of our Your Story series. Hope to receive many more such recounts from our readers of your experience as a tenth grade student … Continue reading Your Story #3