Here’s How You Can Help

Whether you are an educationist, a student, a teacher, a parent, a former student;

Whether you are working, studying, retired, or whatnot;

Whether you are in India or any other corner of the world;

There’s definitely a way for you to help our cause.


Here’s how:

Help Our Readers – Fulfill our readers’ requests for notes on select topics.

Share Your Notes! – Don’t throw away or delete the notes you made. Scan them, take their pictures, and send them over to us. Send MS-Word files or PDFs if you have those.

Share Your Story! – Tell our readers what it felt like to be a student/teacher/parent during ICSE Class 10. Share tips, advice, and experiences.

Donate – Help our cause and the site owner by contributing monetarily. It will motivate her to put in more time for the site and update it with new and better content.