Hindi: Website for New ICSE 2017 Hindi Syllabus!


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Recently, one of our readers, Mr. Pranav Yadav, shared a website that he found which might be helpful for ICSE Hindi 2017 students.

The website covers topics of Ekanki Sanchay and Sahitya Sagar and has been written by a teacher of Hindi, Mr. Saumitra Anand. The blog is based on the new ICSE syllabus, and it  also has topics from the ISC syllabus. The link is as follows:

हिन्दी ज्ञान


Do check it out, and let us know if it helped. 🙂



Hindi: Useful Websites

As per readers’ requests, here are a few YouTube links to notes for Hindi:


Audio-visual Question and Answer Revision:

Gadya Sankalan: Usaki Maa

Chandragupta Vikramaditya Part II

Ekanki Suman: Mel Milap


Hindi Grammar:

Nirdheshanusar Vakya Banaye


Here’s a link to their YouTube channel. They also have a couple audio-visual videos for Geography: Water Resources, Civics: The Surpreme Court, and History: Mahatma Gandhi and the National Movement


Do check them out! 🙂