Students’ FAQ #1 – Tips to Improve Hindi Essays

On receiving a reader's request to provide tips on how to improve one's essays in Hindi, we thought that we would ask our readers if they could provide some insight. In the meantime, we share a few general guidelines that we feel would improve essays for any language paper...


Hindi: Website for New ICSE 2017 Hindi Syllabus!

Recently, one of our readers, Mr. Pranav Yadav, shared a website that he found which might be helpful for ICSE Hindi 2017 students. The website covers topics of Ekanki Sanchay and Sahitya Sagar and has been written by a teacher of Hindi, Mr. Saumitra Anand. The blog is based on the new ICSE syllabus, and it  also has topics … Continue reading Hindi: Website for New ICSE 2017 Hindi Syllabus!

Hindi: Useful Websites

As per readers' requests, here are a few YouTube links to notes for Hindi:   Audio-visual Question and Answer Revision: Gadya Sankalan: Usaki Maa Chandragupta Vikramaditya Part II Ekanki Suman: Mel Milap   Hindi Grammar: Nirdheshanusar Vakya Banaye   Here's a link to their YouTube channel. They also have a couple audio-visual videos for Geography: Water … Continue reading Hindi: Useful Websites