Pre-examination Checklist!

In about two weeks’ time, your exams are going to begin! Everyone has worked hard this past year and hopefully, things have been smooth so far. To keep the flow going, here is a checklist for you to go through on and the day before every exam so that we can ensure that nothing goes wrong on the big day(s):


  • Admit Card
  • School id-card (if required)
  • At least three working pens you are comfortable writing in and with which you have preferably written before (and not just refills: don’t waste precious time inserting refills in your pen) with the same ink (i.e. color, company/brand, etc. so that everything you write seems uniform and there are no color differences, etc.)
  • At least two sharpened pencils
  • A sharpener OR
  • A mechanical pencil with sufficient leads of the required size (0.7mm or 0.5mm, etc. according to your pencil) already inserted in it and also kept separately as “extras” (use leads that do not break easily)
  • A clean eraser
  • An extra wristwatch, in case yours stops suddenly while you’re writing the paper and there is no wall clock in the room
  • A ruler with clear markings, preferably a 12 inch ruler so that you can draw a line the length of the entire page with one stroke
  • A compass/geometry box for your math exam
  • A piece of string and color pencils (we didn’t use them, so your wish) for Geography as pointed out by Nagaraj 🙂


If you still haven’t bought any of these items, or if you need to buy extras, hurry up and don’t forget to do so the next time you leave your house!

If we have forgotten to mention something, do remind us in the comment section below so that fellow tenth graders may avail of your suggestions, as well! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Pre-examination Checklist!

  1. Palak mehta says:

    I have taken arts as a subject and i am going to give my boards this year…..can u tell me which is the best brand of pencils to use for shading?


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