How to Study for: Physics

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (Photo credit: Space Ritual)

A reader requested that I help her with studying physics and I thought I might share it with you all as well. Here is the feedback which I gave her:

For physics, I made notes on small pieces of chart paper. I used index cards – which are approximately 4″x3″ – to take notes of all formulae, conditions, relations between units, quantities and their units, types with examples, uses, important labelled diagrams (such as in total reflection/refraction and lenses), etc. I stuck these index cards on my closet and everyday while brushing my teeth, I would stand in front of my closet and go over those notes. This made it really easy for me to memorize formulae and keep myself in touch with that part of the syllabus which was already over in school. Hence, when exams came, I was familiar with the entire syllabus. Take time out of your day to read through these notes for five to ten minutes. It makes a huge difference!

As per my experience, from the exam point of view, the following is important:

(Note that the following is solely my interpretation of what is important and likely to be asked)


*Relations between units and their derivation

*All derivations mentioned in the scope of syllabus booklet

*Special conditions or characteristics, wherever mentioned

* Examples of turning forces and reasons for the same (They may be asked as 2 mark ‘give reason’ questions)

* Differences

* Factors affecting anything, wherever mentioned

* Factors on which something depends, wherever mentioned

* Special cases, for example in work

* Whether a quantity is a scalar or vector quantity

* Conversions of energy into different forms

* Laws or principles or rules

* Levers in the human body

* All kinds of examples of each class of lever

* M.A. and V.R. of all simple machines and the formulae for the same

* Diagrams with labels

* Critical angle for water and glass

*Absolute refractive index for water and glass

* Minimum angle of delta for which <i = 48 deg

* Numericals related to refractive index

* Applications or consequences or examples, wherever mentioned (May be asked as 2 mark ‘give reason’ questions)

* Diagrams of lenses and their application

* Experimental determination of focal length of convex lens

* Order of electromagnetic spectrum with frequencies/wavelengths

* Properties and uses of electromagnetic spectrum

* Applications of scattering of light

* Applications of echo and resonance

* Wave forms diagrams

* V-I graphs

* Variation of resistance/resistivity with temperature

* Choice of material of wire and why

* Superconductors with examples

* Numericals related to current electricity

* Give reasons, wherever you can find any

* Similarities and dissimilarities

* Ways of increasing magnetic field

* Ways of increasing speed of rotation of coil

* Heat capacity and latent heat examples/applications and reasons for the same

* Heating curves

* Specific heat capacity and latent heat values for ice/water

* Effect of impurities on melting/boiling point

* Properties, wherever mentioned

* Alpha/Beta/Gamma emissions and numericals on the same

I would like to let you know that the aforementioned points are merely what I feel is important and what has been told by my previous teacher as what is asked frequently in the board examinations. Nothing is sure which is why, of course, it is recommended that you study thoroughly. However, you may put extra focus on these points as they will surely fetch you marks in the objective part of the paper, i.e. in Section A.

Thank you!


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12 thoughts on “How to Study for: Physics

  1. sadia saeed says:

    Will u have a guess papers of all subjects of class 10th for the board exams. Mujay ye jo ab 10th kay papers honay hay un kay guess papers chayay hay.I also want the paper pattern of class 10th board exams of 2014 Will u plz help me.I shall be very thankful 2 u


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Srinivas,

      Work on what you feel you can’t remember easily, and then, focus on what comes naturally. You won’t forget what you already know, but if you work on what you don’t know right now, then, you have a chance to score better. We cannot say anything specific in terms of topics/chapters.

      Hope this helped! If you have further questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Good luck for your exams! Stay connected. 🙂


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Ishita,

      The easiest way to remember formulae would be to write them down on flashcards ahd revise these flashcards every morning and/or night. After practicing this like for a couple of weeks, you will easily be able to recall the formula without looking at the flashcards. This method worked for me when I was in tenth grade, and you can try it out to see it helps you, as well.

      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Keep visiting! 🙂


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