CISCE Publications

Hello people! You may have heard your friends or teachers talking about going through the Pupils' Analysis or Specimen Question Papers issued by the CISCE. Well, in our opinion, it's imperative that you go through both of these. The Analysis of Pupil Performance published by the Council every year for ICSE as well as ISC … Continue reading CISCE Publications


History: Last-minute Tips

Here are a few last-minute tips for writing your History exam:   Write your answers in points and underline important keywords. Write to-the-point and don’t elaborate unnecessarily. Use the fifteen minutes at the beginning of your exam very carefully. Take the time to decide which questions you wish to attempt and prioritize them. Keep in mind … Continue reading History: Last-minute Tips

Geography: Last-minute Tips

Here are a few last-minute tips for writing your Geography exam: * Do not overwrite in your maps. Mark the asked things lightly so that you can erase it easily if you feel like changing your answer. * Make sure you label diagrams (if any) and things in the map in capital/uppercase letters. * Check … Continue reading Geography: Last-minute Tips

English II: Last-Minute Tips

On a reader's request, here are some last-minute tips for writing your English II paper:   * Make sure to stick to the topic and answer only what has been asked in the question. Do not write the summary of the chapter/poem/act or points which are not at all required. * While attempting the essay-type … Continue reading English II: Last-Minute Tips

Tip of the Day #8

Here's a last-minute tip based on a question asked by a reader regarding how to write your answers and presentation of your answer script... In the 2013 exams, we were allowed to start any section first while attempting our question paper. Whether you are attempting Section A first or Section B, it is better to … Continue reading Tip of the Day #8