How To Make Notes on Various Subjects (TIPS)

On request from Ayush, a dedicated reader, here's a more-than-late post on how to make notes for various subjects. Though I prefer not to make excuses, it is "better to be late than never!" 😉     Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own notes: Making notes in class: * Read … Continue reading How To Make Notes on Various Subjects (TIPS)


Textbook, Textbook.. Which to choose?

Here are the names of selected textbooks I've gone through and found to be really informative... They have precise information, not too detailed, not too short... Go to your bookstore and check them out! ENGLISH I: Applied English Grammar and Composition (With Internal Assessment) by Fr. Lawrence Mendonca NOVA PUBLICATIONS - New Delhi Living English … Continue reading Textbook, Textbook.. Which to choose?