Mathematics: E-book!

Addition, division, subtraction and multiplica...

Addition, division, subtraction and multiplication symbols (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A noted follower had requested a PDF file of questions/answers. Well, this is even better! The following link is of an e-book of Mathematics by Mr. M. P. Keshari.

PART 1 (Chp 1 to Chp 11):

PART 2 (Chp 12 to Chp 23):

PART 3 (Chp 24 to Chp 29):

It is thorough and even has examples of solved questions. Very useful! Do check it out! 🙂

Math: Algebraic Identities

Mathematics is easy for some, difficult for others. What is important is whether you like the subject or not! Cultivate a liking towards math, and you’ll be breezing through it in no time!

Here are several important identities which you may want to keep in mind while solving sums. They will help you out the most in Quadratic Equations, Ratio and Proportion, Trigonometry, etc.

(x + a) (x + b) = x2 + (a + b) x + ab

(a ± b)2 = a2 ± 2ab + b2

(a ± b)3 = a3 ± 3a2b + 3ab2 ± b3    OR    (a ± b)3 = a3 ± b± 3ab (a± b) 

a2 − b2 = (a + b)(a − b)

a3 + b3 = (a + b)(a2 − ab + b2)

a3 − b3 = (a − b)(a2 + ab + b2)

(a + b + c)2 = a2 + b2 + c+ 2ab + 2ac + 2bc

These are just the basic algebraic identities you may need in the chapters mentioned above.


Here’s a link to the PDF file for the above notes:

NOTES – Algebraic Identities

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