Geography: Sample India Map Outline


Geography: Last-minute Tips

Here are a few last-minute tips for writing your Geography exam: * Do not overwrite in your maps. Mark the asked things lightly so that you can erase it easily if you feel like changing your answer. * Make sure you label diagrams (if any) and things in the map in capital/uppercase letters. * Check … Continue reading Geography: Last-minute Tips

Geography: How to Solve Topographical Maps: Full Course (Notes Part 2)

On a reader's request, here is a website ( written by Saurav Krishnan, which perfectly gives the basics to solving a topography map.  It also has solved questions and answers regarding topography. Please go through it! You will definitely find it easier to solve a toposheet after reading the following posts: Chapter 1 - Fundamentals … Continue reading Geography: How to Solve Topographical Maps: Full Course (Notes Part 2)

Question of the Day #4

Many apologies for the delay. The answer to the previous question is: FeCl3. On further research, we have found that our dedicated reader, Harsh, may also be correct with his answer being Co(NO3)2.6H2O. Congratulations to Harsimar, Navanya, Ishitta, and Ishan for getting it right! Thanks to Harsh for offering an alternative answer (though I recommend … Continue reading Question of the Day #4