Geography: Last-minute Tips

Here are a few last-minute tips for writing your Geography exam:

* Do not overwrite in your maps. Mark the asked things lightly so that you can erase it easily if you feel like changing your answer.

* Make sure you label diagrams (if any) and things in the map in capital/uppercase letters.

* Check your calculation while attempting questions related to annual rainfall in the chapter, ‘Climate of India’.

* Revise frequently asked ‘give reason’ questions.

* Revise the map of India just before your exam begins and attempt the map first thing once your exam starts so that you still remember the markings.

* Write your name and necessary details along with question number and section on the map.

* Read the questions carefully while attempting topography so that you know what is being asked, especially in determining the distance of a place from another or the distance to a place from another. There are also other questions which can be tricky so pay attention to detail.

* Write your answers in points and underline important keywords. Write to-the-point and don’t elaborate unnecessarily.

* Use a pencil for marking things on the map. Shade the regions required (if any) with pencil, ex. polka dots, zig-zag, horizontal and vertical lines, checkered, etc. There’s no need to use different-colored pencils for shading.

* Make sure you include a key if required. Or else, mark the shaded area or symbol with the sub-question number, ex. Q1 is about the map of India and (i) to (x) are the sub-questions: draw an arrow next to the symbol and mark it with the respective sub-question from (i) to (x).

Hope you do well in your exam! Keep visiting for more such tips! 🙂

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Geography: How to Solve Topographical Maps: Full Course (Notes Part 2)

On a reader’s request, here is a website ( written by Saurav Krishnan, which perfectly gives the basics to solving a topography map.  It also has solved questions and answers regarding topography. Please go through it! You will definitely find it easier to solve a toposheet after reading the following posts:

Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Maps

Chapter 2-Profiles Of Survey Maps 45/D7 and 45/D10

Chapter 3- Interpretation of Topographical Maps

Interpreting Toposheets

Interpreting Toposheets -2

Revision -Important Toposheet definitions

Indian Topographic Maps (out of syllabus)

Some Common Questions Based On Toposheets

I apologize to the reader who requested this for taking so long. I hope you find this useful! Thank you for your patience and keep visiting! 🙂

Question of the Day #4

Many apologies for the delay. The answer to the previous question is: FeCl3. On further research, we have found that our dedicated reader, Harsh, may also be correct with his answer being Co(NO3)2.6H2O.

Congratulations to Harsimar, Navanya, Ishitta, and Ishan for getting it right! Thanks to Harsh for offering an alternative answer (though I recommend having it verified by a certified Chemistry teacher). 🙂

Question of the Day: What island can be formed by a meandering river? What all does a meandering river indicate on a map?


Leave your answers in the comment section below! I will update this tomorrow with the correct answer. 🙂