Last Minute Tips: How to Study by Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10) | @icsehelpline101

How to Plan Your Studies in the Final Months Before the ICSE Board Exams

Last Minute Tips on studying for the ICSE Class 10 Board Exams - Read ICSE Helper's seven tips on how to study one month before the boards.


Tip of the Day #10

How do you effectively use the fifteen minutes provided before the start of the exam? If you are studying for your ICSE Class 10 Board Exams, this tip is a must to keep in mind. Read on to learn how from a 95% scorer's perspective.

ICSE Tip of the Day #9

Is it important to read the ICSE Syllabus Book for the Board Exams? Yes, absolutely! And yet, it doesn't occur to a lot of students. Don't be someone who makes the same mistake. Access the ICSE Syllabus 2019 here.

Geography: Last Minute Tips on How to Write Board Exam Paper | Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10) | @icsehelpline101

ICSE Geography: Last-minute Tips before Board Exams

Last Minute Tips on How to Write Your ICSE Class 10 Geography Board Exam - Read these guidelines before giving your board paper.

Tip of the Day #8

Giving your ICSE Board Exam Paper? Here's what we have to say on which section to attempt, finishing sections, writing headings, and more.