Last Minute Tips: How to Study by Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10) | @icsehelpline101

Last Minute Tips: How to Study

On Apurva's request, we are sharing some times to help you streamline your studies for these last couple of months till the final exams.   Keep calm. (It's as simple as that.) Clear your head, and let go of any worries. Right now. Only move on after you have taken a deep breath and let … Continue reading Last Minute Tips: How to Study

Biology - Endocrine System (Notes) - Compiled by Srikrshna P | Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10) @icsehelpline101

Biology: The Endocrine System (Notes)

Namaste! We are delighted to be back after over a month long break to share with you notes on The Endocrine System, contributed by a reader, Mr. Srikrshna P. His notes are quite extensive, though concise. Here is his message for fellow readers and current tenth grade students of ICSE: "These notes are MORE THAN ENOUGH … Continue reading Biology: The Endocrine System (Notes)

Hindi: How to Improve Your Essays (ICSE Class 10) - icsehelpline101

Hindi: How to Improve Your Essays

A few weeks back, one of our readers who blogs at Abstract Thoughts and Eccentricities was kind enough to leave a few tips regarding how to improve one's Hindi essays. She left a comment here and gave us permission to reproduce the same in a separate post. We are glad to finally be sharing her views with … Continue reading Hindi: How to Improve Your Essays

History: First Phase of Indian National Movement (NOTES)

One of our readers, Sudheeksha, recently contributed her notes on The First Phase of the Indian National Movement. We are indebted to her for the help and are delighted to finally share her notes with you. Hope they help you in your preparation for the History exam!   Here’s a link to download the PDF file … Continue reading History: First Phase of Indian National Movement (NOTES)

How to Study (TIPS)

Recently, a reader emailed us asking for tips on how to prepare for Class 9. We replied with the following tips, adding that though we don't exactly remember how we prepared in Class 9, we do remember following the below-mentioned guidelines while studying for Class 10.   We believe that these are such tips that … Continue reading How to Study (TIPS)