How to Study (TIPS)

Recently, a reader emailed us asking for tips on how to prepare for Class 9. We replied with the following tips, adding that though we don't exactly remember how we prepared in Class 9, we do remember following the below-mentioned guidelines while studying for Class 10.   We believe that these are such tips that … Continue reading How to Study (TIPS)


Notice: We’re on Instagram!

Namaste everyone! Hope you all are doing good and well-focused on your preparations for this academic year. We are excited to let you know that   You can follow us @icsehelpline101 by clicking on the Instagram icon at the bottom of the page or by simply clicking here!   We shall keep you updated about the … Continue reading Notice: We’re on Instagram!

Computer: JAVA – OOP (NOTES)

  Here is another set of notes by a dedicated reader, Mr. Anmol Agarwal, for the subject Computer. We are grateful to him for helping us expand the subjects for which notes are available to readers of the blog. The ones we are sharing here are on the topic, Object-oriented Programming (OOP). Do check them out! Here’s a link to the PDF file for … Continue reading Computer: JAVA – OOP (NOTES)

Computer: JAVA – Arrays (NOTES)

  A month back, we received an e-mail from a dedicated reader, Mr. Anmol Agarwal, who showed an interest in contributing his notes for the blog. He shall be the first reader to contribute notes for Computer, and we are grateful to him for helping us in expanding the subjects for which notes are available to readers … Continue reading Computer: JAVA – Arrays (NOTES)

History: Assertive Nationalism (NOTES)

Here are some more notes contributed by one of our dedicated readers who prefers to go by the name hystericalselcouth. We are indebted to her for the pain she took in scanning her notes and are delighted to be sharing them with you. Hope they help you in your exam preparations! Here’s a link to the PDF file for the … Continue reading History: Assertive Nationalism (NOTES)