Question for the Day #7

The answer to the previous question is: A centromere is the point of attachment of two sister chromatids in any cell, arising during the process of cell division. A centrosome is a cell organelle initiating cell division in animal cells. For further points of differences between the two, you may go through Ishan's answer in … Continue reading Question for the Day #7

Question for the Day #6

Without any further delay, the answers to the previous question are: (a)Hydrogen Sulphide (b) Nitrogen Dioxide or Bromine (c) Carbon Dioxide (d) Chlorine (e) Hydrogen (f) Carbon Dioxide (g) Ammonium Chloride. Please note the change in the sequence of letters. By mistake, I had previously repeated the '(c)'. Apparently, Shrish is the only reader who offered 'bromine' … Continue reading Question for the Day #6

Question for the Day #5

ICSE Class 10 Question for the Day #5 - Quiz yourself for the ICSE Board Exams with important questions from different topics and subjects.

Question for the Day #4

Many apologies for the delay. The answer to the previous question is: FeCl3. On further research, we have found that our dedicated reader, Harsh, may also be correct with his answer being Co(NO3)2.6H2O. Congratulations to Harsimar, Navanya, Ishitta, and Ishan for getting it right! Thanks to Harsh for offering an alternative answer (though I recommend … Continue reading Question for the Day #4

Question for the Day #3

The answer to the previous question is: Since copper is a good conductor of heat and it has a low specific heat capacity, it conducts the heat energy and takes less amount of heat energy from its contents to acquire the temperature of its contents. Hence, it is used in making a calorimeter. Congratulations to Harsh, … Continue reading Question for the Day #3