Tips and Hints

Tip of the Day #4

Time for my "Tip of the Day"! It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Well, one thing that I have noticed among my readers, is that many are confused as to how they should study for math and physics. These two subjects leave them desperate for help. Worry not, my friends! Math and physics aren't … Continue reading Tip of the Day #4


How to Study for: Physics

A reader requested that I help her with studying physics and I thought I might share it with you all as well. Here is the feedback which I gave her: For physics, I made notes on small pieces of chart paper. I used index cards - which are approximately 4"x3" - to take notes of … Continue reading How to Study for: Physics

Physics: Sample Questions

The following include questions regarding the following chapters of Physics:   Calorimetry Questions Current Electricity Questions Electromagnetism Questions Modern Physics Questions   I was browsing through websites last year, when I was in 10th grade, in search of proper notes and sample questions, hence, I do not remember the website from which I obtained these … Continue reading Physics: Sample Questions

Physics: Refraction of Light by Spherical Lens (Notes)

The following PDF file, found on the website, contains very helpful notes on the refraction of light. The notes include information on the types of lenses, the images formed when an object is kept at a certain distance from the lens, etc. Do check out these notes! You will definitely find them very useful! 🙂 NOTES … Continue reading Physics: Refraction of Light by Spherical Lens (Notes)