English I: Last-minute Tips

On a reader's request, here are some last minute (updated)ย tips to prepare for the grammar (and comprehension)ย portion of English I: Go through a list of prepositions and prepositional phrases (you can find plenty of such lists on the internet, or in the textbooks prescribed here:ย https://icsehelpline101.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/textbook-textbook-which-to-choose/) and keep practicing these every night. They'll help a lot … Continue reading English I: Last-minute Tips

Last One Month Preparation (TIPS)

Hi everybody! Recently,ย a reader, Utkarsh, left a comment saying that he has completed his syllabus but still feels that he is "underprepared." Keeping in mind the fact that there is still one month left before theย exams begin, he was at a loss regarding what to do till then.   Here are some of the tips … Continue reading Last One Month Preparation (TIPS)

Grad School Series: How to Actively Read for Better Essay Writing

Here's a quick post by a fellow blogger, which will help highlight some tips to read and study in such a way that you retain maximum information and remember things easily. Though it has been written keeping in mind reading as a tool for better essay writing, you may also imbibe the advice such that … Continue reading Grad School Series: How to Actively Read for Better Essay Writing

How To: NOT Stress Out!

Stressed out? Can't sit in one spot to revise? Feeling too burdened with project deadlines? Yes, hard work will keep you moving forward, but it is smart work that will get you to the finish line. Read this post by a fellow blogger to gain some insight on how you can manage your studies better, … Continue reading How To: NOT Stress Out!

How To Make Notes on Various Subjects (TIPS)

On request from Ayush, a dedicated reader, here's a more-than-late post on how to make notes for various subjects. Though I prefer not to make excuses, it is "better to be late than never!" ๐Ÿ˜‰     Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own notes: Making notes in class: * Read … Continue reading How To Make Notes on Various Subjects (TIPS)