CISCE Publications

Hello people! You may have heard your friends or teachers talking about going through the Pupils' Analysis or Specimen Question Papers issued by the CISCE. Well, in our opinion, it's imperative that you go through both of these. The Analysis of Pupil Performance published by the Council every year for ICSE as well as ISC … Continue reading CISCE Publications

Last One Month Preparation (TIPS)

Hi everybody! Recently, a reader, Utkarsh, left a comment saying that he has completed his syllabus but still feels that he is "underprepared." Keeping in mind the fact that there is still one month left before the exams begin, he was at a loss regarding what to do till then.   Here are some of the tips … Continue reading Last One Month Preparation (TIPS)

History: Last-minute Tips

Here are a few last-minute tips for writing your History exam:   Write your answers in points and underline important keywords. Write to-the-point and don’t elaborate unnecessarily. Use the fifteen minutes at the beginning of your exam very carefully. Take the time to decide which questions you wish to attempt and prioritize them. Keep in mind … Continue reading History: Last-minute Tips

How To Make Notes on Various Subjects (TIPS)

On request from Ayush, a dedicated reader, here's a more-than-late post on how to make notes for various subjects. Though I prefer not to make excuses, it is "better to be late than never!" 😉     Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own notes: Making notes in class: * Read … Continue reading How To Make Notes on Various Subjects (TIPS)

Getting Things Done

Do you waste your time often? Tired of procrastinating, but don’t know what to do? Go through this post and figure out what needs to be done for better time management… These vacations are crucial and a great time to prepare for your finals. Don’t waste your time unnecessarily!

Self-Improvement Blog

Have you ever heard anyone say “There’s just not enough time to get everything done?” “The world is just going so fast.” “Technology is making life so hard.” “The faster I go the behind I get.” The rate of change we are experiencing today does make it seem like the world is going faster. But we can deal with this and get things done if we will set some priorities.

A priority is a choice. Every time you choose to do one thing before another in your life you’re establishing priorities. One activity has been assigned greater importance than another activity. Your priorities should be to do those things that will lead you to the accomplishment of your goals. Many people do a lot of things, work hard, and still don’t accomplish their goals. They don’t have an objective, organized, common sense understanding of how what we do today relates…

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