English II: How to Improve Your Answers for Poetry (TIPS) by Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10) | @icsehelpline101

English II: How to Improve Your Answers for Poetry (TIPS)

One of our readers, Srushti, had the following question:   Hi. I always lose marks in the poetry section so can you give me some pointers for that?   In reply, we gave her the following tips which we feel might help all of our readers, as well.   Incorporate certain verses that are important, … Continue reading English II: How to Improve Your Answers for Poetry (TIPS)

Hindi: How to Improve Your Essays (ICSE Class 10) - icsehelpline101

Hindi: How to Improve Your Essays

A few weeks back, one of our readers who blogs at Abstract Thoughts and Eccentricities was kind enough to leave a few tips regarding how to improve one's Hindi essays. She left a comment here and gave us permission to reproduce the same in a separate post. We are glad to finally be sharing her views with … Continue reading Hindi: How to Improve Your Essays

How to Study (TIPS)

Recently, a reader emailed us asking for tips on how to prepare for Class 9. We replied with the following tips, adding that though we don't exactly remember how we prepared in Class 9, we do remember following the below-mentioned guidelines while studying for Class 10.   We believe that these are such tips that … Continue reading How to Study (TIPS)


Tip of the Day #10

Happy Gandhi Jayanti, everyone! We are back with our "Tip of the Day" post.   Tip of the Day: Use the fifteen minutes that you get at the beginning before you start to attempt the paper to go through the paper, analyze it, and choose which questions you will attempt. We have all heard our teachers … Continue reading Tip of the Day #10