ICSE Result 2017

Hi there, everyone, and a wonderful good morning to you! The result is said to be declared today. Some news sites claim that it will be declared at 10:30 this morning. (SEE UPDATES BELOW) That leaves us with just a matter of minutes before computers start being hogged and servers begin to take the toll … Continue reading ICSE Result 2017

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ICSE Result 2016

Namaste, everyone!   Once again, we are delighted to be here with our readers as you all witness receiving your tenth grade board exam results in a week's time! Two weeks in advance?! That's right, and as the CISCE said in its press release dated 29th April 2016, it's a huge achievement. So, of course, we couldn't … Continue reading ICSE Result 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Hi there, everyone! It's been a while since I have personally posted and interacted with you all. What better an occasion to do that than the New Year! Granted, I'm a couple days late, but Happy New Year to all our lovely readers out there from the big cities to the smallest corners of India! … Continue reading Happy New Year 2016!

You can, if you think you can Part 2

An inspiring read! Do take time out to read this article. 🙂
Stay motivated!

Pattabhi Ram

My speech at SICASA NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON 5th Feb, 15 contd…

Think this through. Suppose in a room there are 9 rabbits running. Suppose you have to catch one of them. Which one will you select? No it shouldn’t be any. Select one and chase it down. If you are unable to catch it don’t move on to another rabbit. Stick to this rabbit. If you still cant catch it, change your strategy of catching but don’t change the rabbit. Those are not my words. They are the words of Jack Ma, the founder of alibaba.com and today amongst the richest men in the world. That’s the power of staying focused

S for Stay focused.

The year 2008. The place Johannesburg. Australia has just scored 434 in a 50 over match. No team has ever scored that much in the history of the game. As the South African team trooped…

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You can, if you think you can: Part 1

An inspiring read! Do take time out to read this article. 🙂
Stay motivated!

Pattabhi Ram

This is what I roughly spoke at the the SICASA NATIONAL CONFERENCE in Chennai on Feb 5, 2015. Part 1 is here. Part 2 appears in the next blog

Good morning to all of you.

At the outset, let me make a confession. But you must give me a minute, to help me build the confession!

In the course of the last 2 years, I have spoken at a number of places, may be over 50, on a number of occasions. I have spoken to audience of different size, of different type, and of different age group… and I have spoken on different subjects.

A year, a year and a half ago, I spoke to a gathering of 3000 plus 1st year engineering students at the SRM University. And I spoke to them about “How to get the best out of engineering school”. About 4-6 months ago I was at…

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