ICSE Result 2016

Namaste, everyone!   Once again, we are delighted to be here with our readers as you all witness receiving your tenth grade board exam results in a week's time! Two weeks in advance?! That's right, and as the CISCE said in its press release dated 29th April 2016, it's a huge achievement. So, of course, we couldn't … Continue reading ICSE Result 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Hi there, everyone! It's been a while since I have personally posted and interacted with you all. What better an occasion to do that than the New Year! Granted, I'm a couple days late, but Happy New Year to all our lovely readers out there from the big cities to the smallest corners of India! … Continue reading Happy New Year 2016!

ICSE Result 2015

Hey, everyone! As we're all aware, less than 24 hours remain before the ICSE Board Examination 2015 Results are declared! We only want to leave you with one message. Remember, you have already given your exams and what you could have done to influence your result, you have already done by giving your best. Now, … Continue reading ICSE Result 2015

Tip of the Day #6

Recently, we have been receiving quite a few emails from readers asking us how to concentrate on studying. They say that they aren't into studying as much as they were before... To put it in the words of one such reader - they "lack the drive to study". What can you do to get back … Continue reading Tip of the Day #6