Question of the Day #1

Thought I would start something like this to include tricky questions every day... Question of the Day: Which organ produces urea? Let me know what your answers are in the comment section below! I will update this tomorrow with the correct answer. 🙂 ˙ɹǝʌᴉl :ɹǝʍsu∀


Biology: The Excretory System (Notes)

    Hi everyone! I've finally come out of my shell, and here are the notes on the excretory system, as promised to a follower. The content has been collected by me through various textbooks and classroom lectures taken by my Biology teacher, Mrs. S**** M*****. A very big thank you to her, for her … Continue reading Biology: The Excretory System (Notes)

Biology: Mitosis and Meiosis (Diagrams)

Here are a few diagrams I came across on Google, while studying about cell division. I don't exactly remember the exact website from where these diagrams have been taken, hence, forgive me for not being able to give proper credit to them. However, I do hope that you will find these diagrams helpful in making … Continue reading Biology: Mitosis and Meiosis (Diagrams)

Biology: Cell Cycle Table

I remember going through Google, looking for something that would clearly explain to me the various stages of the cell cycle, and ultimately, I came upon the following table. I'm not exactly sure from where I obtained this table, hence, I'm not able to properly give credit to the person who has so flawlessly provided … Continue reading Biology: Cell Cycle Table