ICSE Result 2019

Click here to view your ICSE 2019 Board Exam Result. But before you do that, read this:

Namaste everyone!

To my buddies of the ICSE 2019 batch, how does it feel? A lot of you may not be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight because of the excitement / nervousness / anxiety, etc. It’s all right to have these jitters and feelings of “What’ll happen?!” But at the end of the day, ask yourself this much: Did you give your best? Did you take an interest in what you were studying and learning in the process? Did you give up easily, or were you the one who stuck to the grind till the end? And more importantly, are you satisfied with the efforts you put in?

Because, ultimately, what matters is the effort. The result will only be a that – a result; a result of your hard/smart work, persistence, dedication, discipline, motivation, etc. The result will be a result of your efforts – not your ability, your capability / potential, not what you will become in life or the path you will take, whether you will be “successful” or not, etc. No.

If you have put in YOUR 100 percent, you can be assured that you will see the benefits of that in life – whether or not that is through a “good” result as per or beyond your expectations is just one way of seeing it. But more than that, your efforts will have taught you key habits that will help you as you move on in life.

What are these? They include some of what I mentioned just above – dedication and discipline, studying or putting in work even when you don’t feel like it, learning how to manage time and stress, keeping  your priorities straight and not getting distracted, deciding what matters for you in the long run and how you can get there, saying no to things that do not align with your goals, learning how to plan and schedule your tasks, figuring out how you work best, getting enough sleep so that you can maintain your energy levels, and so much more.

These are all things that you will have learned in some capacity or the other. And if you haven’t, then that is what you can take away from this past academic year – to learn from where you went wrong, what you could have done better, what you wish you would have learned but didn’t or were too lazy to put in the efforts to do so.

The tenth board exams are just a stepping stone in this long journey of life that is built of so many more things than just the board exam. While they are important considering the education system and world we live in today, wherein your tenth grade marks matter when applying for higher ed, jobs, etc., they are not the be all and end all of life – you can prove yourself through your skills, as well; further, who knows what the world will look like in ten years’ time? However, that is not to say that you shouldn’t challenge yourself and aim for a goal that you know is challenging but which you can achieve with the right amount of efforts.

What matters at the end is that you give your best – be your own judge, take control of your learning journey, and challenge yourself. It’s one thing to not score 80 percent in spite of doing your best and another to not score 80 percent because you were too lazy or distracted or unmotivated to study. If the result matters to you, then taking the right approach towards it also matters. At that time, if you are the latter, it wouldn’t be right to complain after seeing your result – why didn’t you put in the efforts you knew you were capable of, before?

There can be multiple answers to that – how many of them are plain excuses is for you to decide. Ultimately, this is your journey, one of learning from mistakes and keeping the habits that worked, on loop. What I am trying to emphasize is that instead of looking at the board exam results with a narrow view, i.e. using them merely to determine what college you will go to or where you stand in comparison with others, look at them retrospectively, with the intent to learn and figure out how you have grown through the past year.

All in all, I hope you take this time to reflect and not feel scared. I pray that you achieve a result that is as per, if not beyond, your expectations. I hope the result doesn’t take away from what you were planning for the coming years of your life. And I also hope that you remain balanced no matter what you score. Stay humble, stay positive, stay confident.

Remember, this is a time of celebration – a culmination of the year that was. Don’t let the result detract from that. As always, my suggestion would be to gather around the computer screen with family, serve a bowl of ice cream (or your favorite treat) to everyone, and then check your result. Celebrate beforehand, because the result is just a byproduct. What you have gone through throughout the past year, how that has changed you, and the fact that that period is coming to a closure is, in my opinion, the bigger celebration.

All the very best to the ICSE Batch of 2019. My sincerest wishes and prayers for you all!

(~14 hours left, if I am not mistaken.)

Stay strong, and God bless!



ICSE Helper


P.S. Click here to view your ICSE 2019 Board Exam Result.


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