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ICSE Chemistry: Last-minute Tips before Board Exams

Last-minute tips on what and how to revise for the ICSE 2019 Class 10 Chemistry Board Exam:




Chapter-wise and single-page PDF revision notes available here under the ICSE Chemistry heading: Quick Links: all ICSE notes and tips in one place


Last-minute tips on how to write your ICSE 2019 Class 10 Chemistry Board Exam Paper:


  • Mention the units when solving Organic Chemistry numericals.
  • State what has been given when beginning to solve a numerical.
  • Mention any laws, if applicable, while solving a numerical.
  • Label all equations (including the catalysts, valencies, conditions, etc. as mentioned above).
  • Draw all diagrams with a sharpened pencil, and remember to label the diagrams.
  • Write to -the-point. Quality trumps quantity in any exam!
  • Give examples, where relevant.
  • Make sure you write the bases when answering “difference between” questions.
  • Have a neat presentation. For paper presentation tips, see: How to Write Your Board Exam Papers (TIPS)


We’ll update this post with more tips as and when we think of them or receive them as inputs from readers. If you want to suggest your own tip, you’re welcome to leave a comment below. Alternatively, you may visit us on Instagram / Twitter and send us a message there. We’d love to include your tips here!


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2 thoughts on “ICSE Chemistry: Last-minute Tips before Board Exams

  1. Tejas says:

    Also study the structures of the organic compounds.Be thorough with analytical chemistry,it can give u lots of marks. Revise Mole concept and Emperical Formula
    sums.Study periodic properties and how they differ when u go down a group and across a period.All the Best !

    Liked by 1 person

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