ICSE Physics: Last-minute Tips before Board Exams

Here are several last-minute tips and guidelines for writing your ICSE Class 10 Physics Board Exam Paper:

  1. Use the 15 minutes at the beginning to figure out which questions to attempt from Section B. Read the questions carefully, weigh the pros and cons of attempting a question, and then make your decision. Only attempt as many questions as asked in the directions.
  2. Underline technical terms, keywords, etc. For example, when asked to define something, underline the word you are defining and the main technical term in its definition.
  3. Also give relevant examples, where appropriate, to add depth to your answer.
  4. Mention the bases/criteria when answering questions on “differences between” two things. Make sure you draw three neat, properly spaced columns for the same.
  5. When solving numericals, mention the correct units and write the formula before solving it.
  6. If a given law is to be applied in the numerical, mention which law that is, e.g. “Using/Applying Avogadro’s law…
  7. Also state what has been given and then work your way from there.
  8. Label all diagrams, in pencil, even if you haven’t been asked to but only if you are 100% sure of the labels.
  9. Remember to use a sharpened pencil and a ruler when drawing diagrams, especially ray diagrams. Don’t make freehand drawings. Make arrows for rays.
  10. Do your best. If you forget something, leave some space, and go back to the question later.


One more key tip on how to manage your time during board exams: 

Take the number of minutes, e.g. 120 minutes for a 2-hour paper.

Subtract 10 minutes meant for rechecking the paper. Here, you will be left with 110 minutes.

Take the number of maximum marks for which you have to attempt the paper, e.g. 80 marks for the Physics theory paper.

Divide the minutes by the marks to get the number of minutes you have per mark, i.e. 110 / 80 = 1.375 minutes per mark.

Take a question, e.g. a 3-mark question from Section B in Physics.

Multiply the number of marks in that question with the minutes available per mark, i.e. 3 * 1.375.

Ta-da! You have approximately 4-5 minutes to write that question. 

Once 5-6 minutes are over and if you haven’t completed the question and are stuck on it, e.g. you are confused or don’t know the answer, leave some space and go on to the next question. Come back to this question during your last 7-10 minutes of rechecking time.


Also, do go through the latest official Specimen Paper for ICSE Physics and the Analysis of Pupils’ Performance released by the CISCE for years 2014 onwards to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes made by previous students who gave their board exams. Available here: Important CISCE Publications


Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any confusions or questions by leaving a comment below. Also leave your feedback and additional tips, if any. Best wishes to everyone for the ICSE 2019 Physics Board Exam paper! Go do your best. 🙂


Note: You are forbidden to reproduce any part of this work without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 


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