The ICSEhelpline101 Podcast: Launching ICSE Helper’s Podcast for Class 10 Students

Namaste everyone! For those of you who have been in touch with us via our Twitter and Instagram pages, this news won’t really be new to you.

But for those who are not yet aware, we are SO excited to let you know that a few days back, we launched our very own podcast for you, our readers!

You can access the podcast here: 

ICSE Helper’s Podcast for Class 10 Students | The icsehelpline101 Podcast

Go ahead and check out Episode 1, where we introduce the podcast and talk about what to expect from it in the coming days. If you have any of your own expectations, you are welcome to voice them in the Comments section below or via our Contact Us form!

In Episode 2, we follow through with our promise and share with you ten important instructions that the CISCE has given for students about to appear for their 2019 ICSE board exams. We recap the most important things we feel that students either forget or tend to overlook in the exam hall, including whether to attempt extra questions, which pen to use, and what information to fill in on your answer booklet.

As we approach the board exams, we will be sharing more such last-minute subject wise tips and other guidelines to help make this journey tension-free for you.

What’s more, we promise to make these podcast episodes less than ten minutes long, so that you can listen to them while having your meal, taking a quick break, or even exercising between study sessions!

As always, we look forward to interacting with our readers/listeners and also answering any questions that you may have.

Once you’ve listened to the above episodes, do also drop by to share your feedback.

Can’t wait to read your responses – help us help you better. 🙂


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