ICSE History: Concise Notes from All Chapters (Part 2 - World History) by Khalid | Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10) @icsehelpline101

ICSE History: Concise Notes from All Chapters (Part 2 – World History)

In this post, we are sharing notes on World History as per the syllabus for the ICSE Class 10 Board Exams. These notes have been contributed by reader Khalid, who just gave his ICSE Class 10 Board Exams 2018.

The contents of the notes comprise the following topics:

  • The First World War and its causes, consequences/results, etc.
  • The rise of dictatorship, including Nazism and Fascism, their causes, differences, etc.
  • World War II and its causes, consequences, and more
  • The Cold War, the Non-Aligned MovementPanchsheel
  • The United Nations and its objectives, principles, organs and their functions, major agencies and their functions, etc.

and much more!

As we mentioned in our previous post where we shared part one of Khalid’s notes for ICSE Class 10 History, Khalid’s notes are neat and presented in concise points, which will also help you frame your answers for exams. So, check out both parts, if you haven’t already.  You’ll love preparing for your History and Civics Board Exam after going through his study notes!


Here is the message that Khalid wishes to share with fellow readers of the blog:

These are the notes that I prepared for my ICSE examinations in 2018. Please keep in mind the following points:

1. Except for the Judiciary in Civics, I have prepared notes for every chapter in History and Civics.

2. In doing so, I have observed a strict adherence to the syllabus. So I apologize in advance if these notes seem to be too bookish.

3. The following sources have been extensively used : Total History and Civics, Morning Star and Modern Indian History and Contemporary World, APC.

4. The basic work that this notes will do is reduce the amount of content that you have to learn. If you took a highlighter and highlighted everything that is important from an exam point of view, then all of these notes are the highlighted part.

5. In many places, I have compromised grammar for brevity. Also, a lot of abbreviations like “Govn” for “government” have been used. 

6. I hope you find this useful.

Thank you ICSE Helper for giving me a chance to help.

Thank you, Khalid, for taking the initiative to help out fellow students! Your notes will surely benefit students and teachers alike. 🙂


Here’s a link to download the PDF file for the above-mentioned notes:

ICSE NOTES: History – World History (Compiled by Khalid)

You may print these notes through the PDF file and refer to them for your personal use as required. You are forbidden to reproduce any part of these notes without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 


Let us know your feedback on Khalid’s revision notes by rating it on the 5-star scale given above and leaving a comment in the Comments section below.

NoteWe have done our best to retain the clarity, however, readers are requested to leave a comment in case they find the notes difficult to read. Though do note that greater clarity will come at the cost of a greater file size and therefore, loading time.



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