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ICSE Result 2018

Hello everyone!

This time around, I thought I would communicate with you post the Board result.

Now that more than eight hours have passed since the result came out, take a few seconds to ask yourself how you feel.

Did you achieve the result you wanted? Yes? No? Missed it only by a slight mark?

If you answered yes, then that’s great. Congratulations on a job well done and on making yourself proud. Revel in the glory of this achievement. However, stay humble. Remain empathetic towards fellow classmates and friends. Boasting is a big no-no. Thank and appreciate those who helped you achieve what you have. Whether it is your teachers, parents, friends, relatives, a neighbor or a mentor who offered encouraging words – make sure you take the time to thank them appropriately. Show them that you are grateful for their support. Be sincere. Be genuine. Share the glory, and enjoy. Have a bowl of ice cream – my ultimate motto.

If you answered no, then worry not. I understand that the pain of not having achieved what you had set out to achieve may hit you hard. I know what it feels like when you have worked for a much higher score but end up getting something less. I was disappointed when I got my result, because I had set a much higher target for myself. But that doesn’t mean that I was depressed. I accepted it, and I was content. Results come and go. It has been five years since I gave my tenth grade board exam. No one asks me anymore what I got in tenth grade. I’ll be honest, though. The only time they did was when I approached coaching centers to inquire about the Common Admission Test (CAT). Other than that, no one really cares. Not being able to get admission in a certain college or school or in a particular stream or field isn’t going to define the trajectory of your entire life. You have immense potential within you. I may not have met you, I may not know your name or who you are, but I do know this much. You have it in you to make whatever you want of your life. If you want to remain miserable, that’s up to you. If you want to make the most of it, that’s up to you, too. So, if you didn’t get the result you had worked for, forget about it. Go get that bowl of ice cream and cozy up next to your parents and well-wishers. Talk it out. Just enjoy.

I get it. Some of you may not like ice cream or have it ready just now at 11 at night. It’s ok. Any favorite food, beverage, or snack will do the trick. If you go through my old posts about the results, you’ll know that this trick has been tried and tested – and it’s true.

So. How do you feel? Euphoric? Happy? Content? Peaceful? Calm? Grateful?

Sad or depressed are not an option – and that too, after having read all of the above?

Pfft. I know I can count on you to keep a smiling face.

Cry it out if you must. But, post 12am, be the hero(ine) of your own life.

Forget the naysayers. Just focus on your own positivity and the beautiful road ahead that you will carve for yourself. 🙂

Chin up.


Best wishes,

ICSE Helper


P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts to the above questions. Do interact with me via the Comments section below. As a lot of you already know, I personally reply to every comment. It’ll make me feel good to hear what you have to say.


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6 thoughts on “ICSE Result 2018

  1. gammaburst101 says:

    Hey ICSE helper,
    First, as you said in the post above, I want to thank you very much for helping me out. I gave my exams and achieved my target. I am really grateful to you. Without this site, I would have gotten 2-3 percent less and that would have been a disaster. I even took the printouts of some notes and kept it with me. Thanks again.

    I wanted to ask if you provide notes for isc 12 as well? I know it says “icse” in the url but just wanted to be sure.

    Also, I wanted to ask for your opinion on one matter. As I have never been to any coaching or tuition, I still don’t want to go for 11 and 12 but 90% of my relatives have advised my parents that they should put me in. My question is, Is it possible to do it without coaching/tuition? I am willing for the hard word and I get free internet from Indian Railways so can these two things get me through as they did in 10th?

    Thanks for your time,
    Prasoon Pandey

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    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Prasoon,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such kind and genuine feedback. It warms our heart to know that we could make a positive difference in your life! 🙂

      We do have a platform for ISC students, as well. You can find it here:
      However, it is not as updated as this blog and currently only has notes for Commerce subjects.

      Regarding coaching, which stream do you plan on opting for in 11th and 12th? For Commerce, I can personally vouch for the fact that coaching/tuitions are not required, having never taken them myself. However, dedicated self study, practice, and competent and helpful teachers at school – and not just notes – will help more in 11th and 12th.

      Do get back to us so that we may further help you. Thanks for visiting!

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      • ICSE Helper says:

        Hi Prasoon,

        We would recommend that you do your research well regarding the availability of study material online; the ease with which the subjects can be understood with the help of only school classes and teachers; the dedication and competence of school teachers and the time that they will be able to give to you to solve your doubts, etc.; your level of comfort with these subjects, etc. Do keep these factors in mind when making your decision. Best wishes to you! Let us know if we can help in any other way. 🙂

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  2. Jitesh P. says:

    Well Said. I found this website a year ago when I was in Grade IX. I’ll be giving my ICSE boards in 2019 and will be judicious follower of the blog. Must appreciate the great work you’re doing.
    However, I needed some help regarding Time Management. This ( Summer) time is rhe only time in the year when we’re free a bit( not considering the projects that need to be done). I need help designing a timetable for myself and it would be best if you help me designing one for June and rest of the year as well, keeping 6 hours morning school, unit tests in july, and term exam and prelims. Kinda an universal timetable.

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    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Jitesh,

      Thank you so much for the kind words! We really appreciate your support and loyalty. 🙂

      We will get back to you via e-mail with a timetable to suit your needs throughout the academic year. Do check your inbox in a couple of days. In the meantime, check out our “Design Your Time Table” page available from the Menu bar.

      Keep visiting! We look forward to seeing you here often!


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