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ICSE Biology: Last-Minute Tips before Board Exams

Here are a few last-minute tips for writing your Class 10 ICSE Biology Board Exam:


  • Write to-the-point, and don’t elaborate unnecessarily. If you have extra time, then include diagrams where relevant and applicable (even when they haven’t been asked for in the question).
  • Underline important keywords, words that you are defining, and any technical terms.
  • So make sure you revise all definitions, technical terms, phases, etc.
  • Go through the important diagrams. If you haven’t made notes of important diagrams yourself, you can always go through our own hand drawn labelled diagrams from all chapters here.
  • Always draw your diagrams with a sharpened pencil. Keep a sharpener with you, or use a mechanical pencil.
  • Make sure that you label your diagrams! (Even if it hasn’t been mentioned to label them. Better safe than sorry. And, yes, label every little thing!)
  • Label your diagrams with legible handwriting. Not too big that it looks messy, and neither too small that the examiner can’t read it.
  • Revise all “differences betweenquestions. Try to find as many as you can. You may already know the content, but revise it from a “differences” point of view.
  • Mention the bases for differentiation!
  • Revise all “name the followingquestions. Go through your textbook if you have marked these, or see the CISCE’s specimen papers and past years’ papers.
  • Use the fifteen minutes at the beginning of your exam very carefully. Take the time to decide which questions you wish to attempt and prioritize them. Keep in mind which one you will keep as backup in case you realize that you may not be able to do justice to a question which you had earlier decided to attempt and would like to attempt another one its place. However, to ensure that doesn’t happen, use those fifteen minutes well!
  • Begin a new answer on a new page! It makes your answer sheet appear really neat, and completely transforms its look. (A tried and true method that I use till date!)


Hope you have been keeping yourselves updated with our #LastMinuteTips on Twitter. All the best for your board exam, and keep visiting for more such tips and pointers to help you revise in the days before your boards! 🙂


Note: You are forbidden to reproduce any part of this work without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 



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