ICSE Students: Your Story #3

We received Akshay’s story in the month of March 2017 and are thankful to him for sharing his experience with us. We are delighted to be finally publishing his story for you to read as a part of our Your Story series. Hope to receive many more such recounts from our readers of your experience as a tenth grade student of ICSE!


Here’s what Akshay from New Baldwin School, Bangalore has to say…

Hi! ICSE helpline 101, one main thing I should say is that your site is the best, you give the last minute revision notes, the quiz, and many more. I just love your site. As one of the ICSE students told that she was scared of joining an ICSE school because she thought it was tough and many people told her that it was tough. The kind of same way happened to me, actually my school before was a CBSE school and suddenly they changed the syllabus into ICSE and mine was the first batch. I never knew what was it or how it would be, but I selected for ICSE (we were given options to choose between ICSE or CBSE). Our teachers started to tell us that ICSE is difficult you all must work very hard in it and it’s not that easy to score above 90%. But, at the beginning it was tough but later on we were able to manage with it.

Now I’m writing my ICSE boards. I have taken lot of help from this site so, thanks for that. Actually I lost my geography text book and was completely in a big dilemma. I didn’t know what to do. Then I started searching for the notes of important lessons. At that point itself I got your site. I was a bit scared where I may not do my geography exam well, but I started to learn your notes and kept all in my mind, and understood well (though not memorised). And finally, I came out of the exam hall with a smiley face because your notes helped me lot and lot.

I prefer every ICSE student to come to this site.

Thank you ICSE helpline 101,

With regards,




Akshay, thank you very much for this inspiring story and your kind words. We apologize for delaying in publishing your story but are glad that it is now out there for everyone to take inspiration from!

We are also humbled and truly warmed that this blog helped you prepare for your board exams. Many thanks to the various Geography teachers and students who contributed the notes for the blog!

Although we may not always live up to our readers’ expectations, we hope to continue influencing and helping our readers and fellow students in the best way possible. It is readers such as Akshay who motivate us to make sure that yes, this blog keeps working.

We wish him all the very best for his future! 🙂


Share your thoughts! Let us know how Akshay’s story helped you by leaving a comment in the Comments section below. 🙂

If you wish to share your own experiences, YOUR own story, and the lessons YOU learned during your time as a tenth grade student/teacher/parent of ICSE, head over to our Share Your Story! page and write to us to see your write-up featured in our “Your Story” series. We look forward to reading about your experiences. 🙂

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