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How to Plan Your Studies in the Final Months Before the ICSE Board Exams

On Apurva’s request, we are sharing some tips on how to plan your studies in January, the month before the month of the board exams. So, what should you do? Here’s our take.


Update as on Feb 13, 2019: 

To access a sample/draft time table for the last ten days before the ICSE 2019 board exams, check out the free MS-Excel and PDF files here.


Guidelines to help you streamline your studies for the final stretch till the ICSE Class 10 Board Exams:

  1. Keep calm. (It’s as simple as that.) Clear your head, and let go of any worries. Right now. Only move on after you have taken a deep breath and let out all worries, stress, and negativity.
  2. Sit with a pen and paper, and list down all topics, subject-wise, in which you are not comfortable. To define “not comfortable,” it means that you either tend to forget the topic, make silly mistakes, are not clear with the concept, have a difficult time solving, etc.
  3. Keeping in mind that you have approximately 21 days to focus on brushing up these topics, make a daily schedule wherein you will tackle 1-2 topics (depending on the total number of topics you have listed) per day.
  4. Discuss your plan with a mentor or someone whom you trust and who believes in you. Motivation is key right now. Self-motivation, even more.
  5. Stick to the plan once you’ve finalized it. Stick to the schedule. You can do this. Don’t stress the other exams (whether they be the mid-terms, unit tests, topic tests, or whatever). Do what you have to do.
  6. Our Biology teacher used to tell us that even if you prepare only 80% of the syllabus for these preliminary exams, pre-boards, etc., make sure you prepare those 80% of topics with 100% efforts. Make it quality preparation over quantity, especially for all upcoming tests apart from the final board exam.
  7. But do not be lazy! Do not shy away from tackling those topics with which you are not comfortable. Do what you don’t know first. What you already know, you’ll be able to answer if it comes in the examination.
  8. Revise from your notes, textbook, reference book, or past papers. Underline (with discretion!). Repeat after yourself. Write it down. Practice, practice, practice.Do whatever to make sure you are comfortable with that topic. Ask us for any specific help. If you feel you have to talk to someone, let us know.
  9. Get your doubts solved from your teachers. Don’t hesitate to ask teachers for help. Ask questions if you still don’t understand something.
  10. Revise important formulae, diagrams, equations, objective questions, etc. on a daily basis.
  11. Read a list of prepositional phrases, idioms for vernacular languages, etc. every night before going to bed. Do what suits you, but make sure you are not ignoring or overlooking everything.

There is still time to make sure that you make your weaknesses your comforts and your strengths your expertise. Our belief is that you should focus on the former first, then the latter.

If you have any questions regarding these tips and pointers for your ICSE Board Exams, don’t hesitate to voice your doubts in the comments section.

If there are any other tips or guidelines you would like to add or any feedback you feel would help us, let us know below.

All the best, and stay strong. Your work will certainly pay off. Have faith!


Note: You are forbidden to reproduce any part of this work without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 


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18 thoughts on “How to Plan Your Studies in the Final Months Before the ICSE Board Exams

  1. Priyank says:

    I am stuck up with english grammar viz. Prepositions and subh other things.give me some suggestions to improve it bcoz how much may I practise prepositions i forget them.
    Also please give me perfect advice how to write the best essay and formality letter


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Priyank,

      Apologies for the delayed response! We hope you visited our Quick Links page at, where you would have found a list of articles we have shared with tips for the same. Hope, however, that your English exams went well. All the best for the remaining ones!


  2. Devansh Khandelwal says:

    I truly need to talk to someone . My 2nd terminal exams are going on and I am totally confused about my board preparation and timetable. Please help as soon as possible. Thanku .


  3. Trisha Bhowmick says:

    hi trisha here actually i wanted to know how to prepare for engish language paper because i am quite poor in section A. and I wanted to know that how to tackle maths problem as i am quite pooor in this subject . I hope I will get Its answer as soon as possible


    Liked by 1 person

    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Trisha,

      Apologies for the delayed response! We hope you had kept yourself updated with our #LastMinuteTips on Twitter, where we covered all of these doubts. Additionally, you may have also found our posts on Last-minute Tips on the blog. Hope your exams went well. All the best, and thanks for stopping by!


  4. Sampada sinha says:

    Hey,could you please help with how to write the prose section in English to score good,and also how to score good in English language, that’s what gets the percentage down!!


    • ICSE Helper says:

      Hi Sampada,

      Apologies for the delayed response! We hope you had kept yourself updated with our #LastMinuteTips and #LastMinuteRevision posts that we had shared on Twitter. They had addresses these queries. Additionally, you may have found our blog posts for the same by using the search bar or navigating to the English section under the Menu bar.

      Again, we regret not being able to answer earlier. All the same, we hope your exams went well! Good luck, and thanks for visiting!


      • Aanam says:

        I want to know about the ICSE history pattern. Do we need to explain answers in detail like in CBSE or do we need to be specific? Our teachers says that length of answers is what matters. Please help!!! 😐


      • ICSE Helper says:

        Hi Aanam,

        Thanks for stopping by. As long as you answer the question thoroughly and do not miss out on important points, the length of the answer should not matter. Usually, you can take a call based on the weightage given to a question, e.g. a 3-mark question should ideally have at least 3 main points in the answer. Focus on making sure you have all the content in place and are giving the answer to the question.

        Hope this helps! All the best, and keep visiting. 🙂


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