Students’ FAQ #1 – Tips to Improve Hindi Essays

On receiving a reader’s request to provide tips on how to improve one’s essays in Hindi, we thought that we would ask our readers if they could provide some insight. As we had not opted for Hindi during our tenth grade, we believe that we are not in a position to answer the same. Hence, it would be a great help to Stuti, who asked the question, and to all other current tenth grade ICSE students if those of you reading this could share a few tips of your own which you find/found (for the ex-ICSE students reading this!) useful in improving your essays for Hindi.

A few general guidelines that we feel would improve essays for any language paper are:

  • Begin with a story. Lure the reader in with a personal experience and weave your story around the topic to bring forth the message or highlight the theme.
  • Use facts, figures, awe-striking questions, etc. to add some punch to your essay. Make your reader want to know more.
  • Be consistent and stick to a structured flow. Beginning, Middle, and End. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Make sure you follow a pattern, e.g. if it is an argumentative essay or the like, divide your essay into an introduction to the topic, reasons for/against the topic, and a conclusion that sums up your view.

We look forward to reading your tips to improve essays for Hindi. Do comment below and share your learnings with the rest of us! In the meantime, hope the above few guidelines help. Let us know your feedback on the same.


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