ICSE Result 2017

Hi there, everyone, and a wonderful good morning to you! The result is said to be declared today. Some news sites claim that it will be declared at 10:30 this morning. (SEE UPDATES BELOW) That leaves us with just a matter of minutes before computers start being hogged and servers begin to take the toll of thousands of eager, anxious, excited students waiting to know what the screens have to foretell.

But, one thing is for sure.

No matter how you think you did on your exams a month or so back, stay happy in the knowledge that what you deserve and what is yours shall not pass you by, whether it is today or five years down the line. Remember, a “no” to one thing means a “yes” for another. Doors will pop up if you only dare to knock.

Therefore, this result may determine your near future, but it does not have the strength to determine what you make out of your life. Whether it’s a low score or a high one, neither will doom or make your future.

But, till the results do come… It doesn’t hurt to…


Hope you all stay calm, stay happy, and keep smiling! And, most importantly…

Go get yourself a bowl of ice cream or your favorite treat before you sit in front of the computer screen with your family, for life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated every single moment, not just on special occasions. 🙂

We wish each and every student who gave the ICSE Tenth Board Exams this year a hearty best of luck! 

Take care, and do keep visiting us! We’d love to keep hearing from you. 🙂


UPDATE 1: Some sources also claim that the result may be declared on May 18th. We shall keep you updated regarding the official date and time.

UPDATE 2: The Council usually declares the official date/time of the result one week in advance. It is expected that they shall follow the same procedure this year, as well. We shall keep you updated regarding the official date/time.


Note: You are forbidden to reproduce any part of this work without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us or go through our copyright policy. 

One thought on “ICSE Result 2017

  1. PALAK DAMANI says:

    If my name is there in the first list of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th college in my preference list and not on the first college, and I don’t take admission in any of these, waiting for the 1st college.

    1. And if my name didn’t come at all in the first college, I will have missed the deadline to go and pay the fees for anyone of the college’s which have my name in the first list..
    What do I do then?


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