ICSE Students: Your Story #2

We received Sarah’s story in the month of March and are thankful to her for sharing her experience with us. Here is her story for you to read as a part of our Your Story series. Hope to receive many more such recounts from our readers of your experience as a tenth grade student of ICSE!


Here’s what Sarah from St. Thomas, Trivandram has to say…

Hi everyone,

ICSE is tough!!! Very hard to get marks!! Those verses were actually my stepping stones to “the girl with 95%.” I am very proud to say that… As you know, my neighbours and relatives were more anxious about my marks (typical indian aunties) and finally got the chance to surprise them, and made my parents proud. A special thanks to this bog for helping me clear those examinations bravely with perfect preparations!! A blog where you enjoy all tough subjects… Yes!! 24 chapters in History & Civics textbook was a shock for all of us, but thankfully, we managed to face it!! 

Dear parents,
Please do not move back saying “ICSE is tough.” Yes, it the toughest of all, but remember, only if you work hard, you will achieve heights of happiness. You want them to, right??!! Then, without a speck of doubt, enroll them to the nearest ICSE school, and before doing that, be sure this blog is working. 😉

Sarah, thank you for this inspirational story, and congratulations on your 95%!

We are also humbled and truly delighted that this blog helped you enjoy your journey through 10th grade. Your words and positivity made our day!

Although we cannot always live up to our readers’ expectations, we hope to continue influencing and helping our readers and fellow students in the best way possible. It is readers such as Sarah who motivate us to make sure that yes, this blog keeps working. 😀

We wish her all the very best for her future! 🙂


Share your thoughts! Let us know how Sarah’s story helped you by leaving a comment in the Comments section below. 🙂


If you wish to share your own experiences, YOUR own story, and the lessons YOU learned during your time as a tenth grade student/teacher/parent of ICSE, head over to our Share Your Story! page and write to us to see your write-up featured in our “Your Story” series. We look forward to reading about your experiences. 🙂

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