English II: Here’s a website for Merchant of Venice!

Source: www.wsws.org

Hey everyone! I have received quite a few requests by readers asking me to put up notes on English Literature. Since the present syllabus has changed and we weren’t taught Shakespeare during our tenth grade, I thought I would share this website that has been recommended by most present tenth graders.


Here’s the link:

No Fear Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice 


Some of you may have already heard of this website, hosted by SparkNotesAnyway, do check it out and see if it can be of help to you in your preparation! 🙂

7 thoughts on “English II: Here’s a website for Merchant of Venice!

  1. Mansi patnaik says:

    Hello ! I am just wanting to know about which parys of merchant of venice are really important ? Like qhich acts are imporatnt with exam point of view . plzz help ! 🙇


  2. Devyani says:

    pls recommend guides for ICSE textbooks for 10th Std. 1) A New approach to Physics – Part 2 by Goyal Brothers Prakashan and also Biology by Veer Bala Rastogi


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Great to hear that you’ve completed your English II syllabus! Maybe this will help for revision? 🙂

      Also, in that case, please do share with your friends who might not have yet been able to complete theirs!

      Thank you for stopping by and do keep visiting. 🙂


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