REVISION !!!111!

Half of November is gone and most of you are probably busy preparing for your PreBoard Exams.
Here are a few tips from a fellow blogger to help you revise optimally and thereby, reduce stress levels. Do check out the post! 🙂

krishna | 크리슈나 | કિષનાં


All things that hurt you mentally, physically and on a whole other level.

Trying to maintain your time as a student is probably one of the hardest things I have come across in my life so far.

But as a student I have come across some things I think may help you reduce a majority of the stress; especially if you’re like me with slightly higher levels of panic during exam season.

Visual learners learn best by seeing. Effective learning techniques include drawing pictures, charts, and mind maps. Highlighting important points in colour and re-copying notes can also be effective.

Auditory learners learn best by hearing. Effective learning techniques include discussing topics and principles, reciting information to themselves, and use of mnemonics.

Kinaesthetic learners learn best by doing. Effective learning techniques include moving around while revising, mentally reviewing what they have learnt while carrying out an activity…

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5 thoughts on “REVISION !!!111!

    • ICSE Helper says:

      Credits go to the writer of this post, and not to me, for the tips and advice. And yes, it is definitely much needed during this time of the school year. 🙂
      Thanks for visiting! Again, please don’t call me “sir.”

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      • MP Harsha says:

        yeah brother(hope this name is alright as i dont know the real one).Well though it was someone else who posted it but still you were the one who brought this post to our notice.So obviously you deserve equal credit 🙂

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  1. MP Harsha says:

    Brother i am in need of help from you especially as you had experienced the mathematics exam ( board ).I have to say that in my school ,though we know it from the beginning that the difficulty level of the question paper would be high when compared to the board paper ,but still i’d like to know the tips or rather advices to manage time.I’ve had my half yearly recently and i found the paper to be a bit tough from the usual.In the last minute ,due to insufficient time i panicked due to which my focus on the sum was diverted.From the starting itself i did manage time because i had a bitter experience in my previous exam(quaterly).But i dont know why it happened.Sums like proving trignometrical identities need lot of time as we keep trying in different ways if we fail to prove the L.H.S with R.H.S.Sums which include the vast calculations like heights and distances or Mean (using step deviation or shortcut ) sums need sufficient time.Can you help me out with this bro ? Hope you’d understand my situation as i don’t want to lose anymore marks in Mathematics exam.Time management should be inculcated within us else it’d be tough to attempt other exams like Bitsat or IIT jee or something of that sort.


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Hi there!

      As for time management, I suggest you go through the posts under the “How to…” categories which you will find on the right and at the end of the page.

      For Math, I can only say that time management comes with practice. Practice not only teaches you how to write fast with least errors, but it also gives you an insight regarding which questions you are better able to attempt, which questions you can solve comparatively faster and with accuracy, etc. Hence, I would suggest that you not give up and keep practising, especially in exam oriented environment. Solve as many model test papers or past papers for Math as you can. Whether or not you solve the same for other subjects, I would recommend you solve them for Math.

      Again, remember: don’t give up!

      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks for stopping by. Keep visiting! 🙂

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