Competition makes you feel inferior!

Look in the mirror… That’s your competition.

Check out this post, maybe it will inspire you to compete against yourself instead of others. ๐Ÿ™‚


โ€œPaper kaisa gaya?โ€ (How did your paper go?) was what everyone outside the school gate were asking eachother. I got out straight out of the exam hall, walked briskly and reached the school gate and quickly disappeared into the large crowd of students. I avoided most of the people and reached my car and left quickly. My exam was over. My class 9 exam was over. Honestly, the papers had gone quite well and better than the previous time and I was at ease during the weekends. I turned out at school during the paper showing day and I was shocked to find out that I had performed horribly. I reached home heartbroken and my mother was in her panic mode. She was not worried about my performance but about the fact that her friendโ€™s kids had obtained far higher marks than me. The same happened with my dad tooโ€ฆ

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