5 Sneaky Ways Students Can Fit In Exercise

Exercise is equally important! Check out this post for great tips! 🙂

All About Health!

Who here likes to exercise? No one? Yeah, I figured. I make sure to, but it’s not like I’m thinking, “Yippee, time to workout!” It’s like brushing my teeth, it’s just part of my routine. Let me tell you, though, I wish I had begun working out in high school or even college. I would have been much better off.

You may be at a time in your life where you don’t have to exercise pretty hard, but it’s still important to build that up somewhat into your daily routine because it’ll pay off later. I’ve made a list of 5 sneaky ways you can fit exercising in while being a student.

1. Dumbbells.

I have a set of 5 pound dumbbells in my room that I use in the mornings. I do two sets of ten bicep curls and two sets of ten reps where I slowly raise them…

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