Study Tips: From student to student! Maybe this can help you… Do check it out.


This is the first part to my blog series: Study Tips

I know there are many articles about studying effectively, however, I wanted to spread few techniques which may or may not help you.

This series will be known as Study Tips.


Many people suggested me to study and take a break for 10 minutes. It worked somehow but didn’t yield good results. I knew that I was doing something wrong. Most of the time, during the break, I’d eat something and often, I’d keep munching it till the end. Thus, I wasn’t being able to cope up with the time table I had set.

Then I found an effective way which helped me to study well.

First of all, make a timetable.

Whether you go to school or college, always make a timetable. Try to follow it as much as you can. Make seperate time tables for seperate…

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