English II: Last-Minute Tips

2015 – Here’s a ‘last-minute guide’ to writing your English II paper!

Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10)

Image Source:http://histlit.fas.harvard.edu/ Image Source:http://histlit.fas.harvard.edu/

On a reader’s request, here are some last-minute tips for writing your English II paper:

* Make sure to stick to the topic and answer only what has been asked in the question. Do not write the summary of the chapter/poem/act or points which are not at all required.

* While attempting the essay-type question, do not write the summary of the chapter/poem. Make sure your answer is detailed and do not hesitate to write even a small point that you feel is relevant to the question asked. Your essay-type question should be approximately 3 to 4 pages long. Although I stress on the fact that quantity does not matter, while writing this answer you should have a minimum word limit that fits 3 pages.

* If you have been asked whether or not you agree with a given statement, make sure you write ‘yes’ or ‘no’, ex…

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2 thoughts on “English II: Last-Minute Tips

  1. Pankhuri says:

    Sorry if I post this in the wrong section!

    What would happen if I attempt more than required questions in ICSE (2015)? Say, in English I attempt six questions instead of the directed five? Or in Section B of Maths, I attempt six questions instead of four? Would I get marks based on best of four questions or the marks of first four questions and the rest would be cut without being checked?


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