English I: How to Improve Your Essays

2015 – Here’s a ‘last minute guide’ for writing your English essays!

Helpline for ICSE Students (Class 10)

On a reader’s request, here are some ways you can improve your essays:

* Captivate your reader’s mind by making your beginning really interesting.
You can:
– begin with a rhetorical question, ex. “Ever thought what life would be like if…?”
– list a few words regarding the topic, ex “Lights. Lamps. And loads of love. Diwali is truly a time of celebration…” or “Roller coasters. Cotten candy. And lots of fun. That’s right, all these things can mean only one thing…”
– write something which seems totally off topic but is a hidden link to the actual topic.
– provide statistics to your readers, ex. “It has been said that 76% of human beings have a sweet tooth.” (these are not actual statistics)

* Use $100 words, i.e. use better vocabulary wherever appropriate, ex. instead of ‘happy’, use ‘elated’, ‘overjoyed’, etc. Also make use of idioms.

* Make…

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5 thoughts on “English I: How to Improve Your Essays

  1. Gursimran Kaur Saini says:

    Thx…….👍 The website you gave for improving prepositions was quite helpful👏👌 But sir I do need your more help🙏 Can you plz…… Help me in civics ( especially ‘the high court’ and ‘the supreme court’ ) PLZ…….😑

    ** Gursimran

    On Monday, February 23, 2015, Helpline for ICSE Students (Class X – Class 10) wrote:

    > ICSE Helper posted: “2015 – Here’s a ‘last minute guide’ for writing > your English essays! “


  2. Rupak Jain says:

    Dear admin, I am a little doubtful about the essay i wrote in my lang exam. I have a good vocab and usually write pretty good essays. Infact i got thw highest marks in lang in my class in every exam since class 9, including preboards.
    Unfortunately, I had a little time shortage. I wrote the essay in the end and by the time I reached there I did not have a lot of time left. As such although I started well I had to end abruptly. I gave a good beginning and introduction, used good words and am pretty sure that there will be minimal grammatical mistakes. I gave a number of alright-but-not-very-good points (My essay was the debative one- coeds verses uni-sex achools. I wrote in coeds’ favour) but still I think that my essay was not really a very complete one. I had to end a little abruptly. I had wanted to include a penultimate para on some common arguments against coeds and why I believed that they (the arguments) were base-less but could not. My essay was about 2 and a half pages long. Do you think that there is a chance that I may get atleast 19 or 20 out of 25 for my essay. I have heard the checking for lang exam is very rigid. Do they give 18-20 marks easily ?
    I have been trying to get this out of my mind but i have been unable to since this was the one exam i had seriously hoped to get high marks in. Thank you .


    • ICSE Helper says:


      I wouldn’t worry so much if I were you. Hard work never goes unnoticed and if whatever you have written is creative, on track, and without grammatical errors, etc. then I see no reason why you should stress so much. Believe and trust in God and leave the rest to Him. I’m positive that you’ll ace your English test. 🙂


  3. Snehal says:

    Hi, I am going to write my English language paper but I very weak in writing essays how can I write good essays in exam so that I can get good marks


  4. Snehal says:

    Hi I need help in writing good essays
    I am very weak in writing essays
    Could you please suggest me how to write good essays to score good marks in English language


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