How To Study.

Tips from a student, for other students! Do check them out! Maybe you’ll find an easy way to study that works for you. 🙂

X grade Physics, ICSE.


1. Make things interesting. Logical arguments will not give you motivation to study. Thinking that if I study hard and get into a good university and get a good job, etc., will not interest you. Love what you do. Try to find the beauty of every subject, and most importantly try to link it with the events of your life and things that interest you.

2. Manage your time. Make a weekly schedule and devote a certain amount of time per day to studying. This will also improve your grades. That amount will vary depending on whether you’re in high school or college, and also varies by field of study.

3. Study in 20-50 minute chunks. It takes time for your brain to form new long-term memories, and you can’t just keep studying flat out. Write notes to the side, or write questions about the text you just read. Take…

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2 thoughts on “How To Study.

  1. kkk says:

    i am going to give the icse board examinations in march this year.only a month is left and i have studied very less till now. i want some suggestions from you on how to cover my syllabus in such a short period of time.also my english and hindi is veryyy weak ,so how to improve it


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