Physics: Thermionic Emission and Radioactivity – Conceptual Questions

Physics Solved Questions: Thermionic Emission and Radioactivity

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Conceptual questions are tough. Not because they involve tedious calculations, or complex algorithms, but because they require you to think in a certain way, which may be entirely foreign to you. Unfortunately, the Indian system of education does not really promote logical thinking, and hence when an average student sees one of these, he tends to apply pure guesswork. However, conceptual questions can be solved quite easily, if one trains himself to think in a certain way. 

Hence, we’ve decided to release a compilation of conceptual questions, so that you can get familiar with the pattern and style of these, and also clear some of your doubts. Ideally, you should read through the questions, and try to understand the logic behind the answers. Learning them up by heart will not help very much, as new questions can be created any moment. However, if your concepts are clear (as they hopefully will be…

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