Revision techniques

Revision: How do you revise your study material? Which technique will best suit you? Read this post to get a clearer idea…

Polish Student Life

Hi, all!

As you probably know, my finals are approaching rather quickly – starting on the 5th of May, that’s Monday. Because of that, I’d like to write something about my revision habits and give my honest opinion on some, which I don’t personally use.

To begin with, my revision habits are nothing special – they’re preety ‘normal’. What I do is I read the textbook and my notes from the whole year in order to remember everything that I’ve covered. Then, I make notes and answer questions on the topics, which I find the most challenging or the ones with the highest priority. Furthermore, as you can see from the title, in my opinion, revision that goes in your head the most is the one that you do most recently. That’s not a big discovery, I think, but it’s something worth looking at. I discovered myself that things, which…

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