Getting Things Done

Do you waste your time often? Tired of procrastinating, but don’t know what to do? Go through this post and figure out what needs to be done for better time management… These vacations are crucial and a great time to prepare for your finals. Don’t waste your time unnecessarily!

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Have you ever heard anyone say “There’s just not enough time to get everything done?” “The world is just going so fast.” “Technology is making life so hard.” “The faster I go the behind I get.” The rate of change we are experiencing today does make it seem like the world is going faster. But we can deal with this and get things done if we will set some priorities.

A priority is a choice. Every time you choose to do one thing before another in your life you’re establishing priorities. One activity has been assigned greater importance than another activity. Your priorities should be to do those things that will lead you to the accomplishment of your goals. Many people do a lot of things, work hard, and still don’t accomplish their goals. They don’t have an objective, organized, common sense understanding of how what we do today relates…

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