Exams & Procastination

Are you someone who procrastinates a lot? Worry not! Here are some great solutions to completing your tasks in time without feeling the pressure! Check out this post…

Faithless Hope


You know when the exams are a few months away and you’re all chillin’ and havin’ fun, putting off studies to the last-minute? Well that was me, a month ago. Thank Goodness! I don’t have to go through all that drama again, at least for now. But I realized that I regretted not studying beforehand and being the thinking person I am, I came up with a list of WHY I procrastinated.

1) Freshness

>This is lame but I estimated that the later I’ll study, the more fresh it’ll stay in my mind. To an extent it did, but overloading of excess information kind of crossed out the “freshness” factor. Also, because of the so-called “freshness” I couldn’t even complete the course properly.

2) Distractions

>There are several distractions in today’s world- relationships, social life, technology, etc. Mine was technology. It’s my Achilles’ Heel, I’m instantly addicted to games and…

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