Answer to creative Writing –Model letter to Principal for school menu

English I – Model Letter Writing (Formal Letter)

Impact Writing

The Principal
Nehru International School
Bangalore                                                                                       Date …….

Subject … Suggestions for a better system of canteen procurement

Respected Sir,

I am Duncan Smith, a student of Class seven, Section D. Last week, you generously permitted the Hockey team of our school to go on a study cum recreation trip to a few villages in the outskirts of Bangalore. What we saw and learnt during this trip have opened our minds. Later, it has resulted in a frenzy of discussion among us as to how miserably we, the students of this elite school, are ignorant of our rural folks. As the Captain of the Hockey team, I express my deep gratitude to you for your kindness and sagacity.

The villages we went to are Rampur, Chenapatna and Haridaspur. We, the15 boys in the trip, have come back with some constructive ideas about the way our school can better…

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