History: Important Dates (NOTES)

The following PDF contains a list of important dates in Indian History and World History. Please go through them. I cannot ensure that dates other than the ones mentioned in the list will not be asked. However, the list contains those dates which are most likely to be asked in the exam.

The highlighted dates are probably not in syllabus. However, I was not so sure hence, I have included them as well.


Here’s a link to the PDF file for the aforementioned notes:

NOTES – History: Important Dates

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This work by Helpline for ICSE Students (Class X – Class 10) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

You may print these notes through the PDF file and refer to them as required. We would appreciate it if you abstain from reproducing any part of these notes without our prior permission. For more information, please contact us. Thank you.


Do check out the notes!🙂

19 thoughts on “History: Important Dates (NOTES)

  1. Rahul Ranjan Das says:

    Dear Admin,
    In the quite likely situation that a question demands the candidate to “enumerate”, “state” or “list” the causes/factors/reasons for any event, is the candidate required to explain the same? Supposing the question is a three-marker, does the candidate need to list and explain three points, or merely list them? Your advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    • ICSE Helper says:


      Hi there! Thank you so much for your positive feedback. It made our day.🙂 And, thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. It serves as encouragement for us!

      Do keep visiting and good luck for your studies!🙂


    • ICSE Helper says:


      Thank you for taking the time to leave such kind words and positive feedback! We really appreciate it and it means a lot to us. We hope to continue helping students like you who appreciate our work and who truly find it useful.🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and do keep visiting!


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