How to deal with stress in 10th board Exam Time

Check out this post for tips on managing stress during Board Exams…

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Exams are near for class 12th and 10th students. Students are busy in study but facing problem of stress.  So just relax. Exam stress is different type of verities. While the student who is not well prepared for exam, he may be more stressed in the days of exam.

Here are some tips which help to deal stress in exam time:

  • Think if you study little bit of time in exam, get good grades:

If you don’t have enough time in exam for study only one or two days for exam preparation that make confidence encourage yourself that you can do it and get good g4rades in exam. Be positive and think positive always in exam time.

How to deal with stress in Exam Time

  • Don’t ask your friend about his/her preparation:

Generally students call or talk with friends about study preparation in exam time avoids it. If you ask your friend and come to know…

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