10th Class Hindi Paper Preparation tips

Have you taken Hindi as a subject? You might want to go through these tips…

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Hindi is our mother language and it’s including in all state board class 10th exam as a compulsory language. Students from Hindi medium they easily prepare for Hindi subject but other students like CBSE board students, Karnataka Board students and AP board students they face much difficulty to prepare Hindi subject preparation. Here we share tips for how to prepare one of most common subject Hindi paper easily and secure high marks in 10th class board results 2014.

Generally all paper carry 100 marks. In Hindi paper 60% of paper content carry theory paper question and remaining 40% of paper carry Grammar part of Hindi subject. In Hindi paper if you want to score highest marks than make sure your grammar is prepare well.  In Hindi subject one question comes from essay part and students need to write 3 or 4 page about given topic.

Hindi paper…

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