How to get passing marks in 10th board exam

Check out this post for some last minute tips! A reminder, though that hard work and determination are what get you ahead. Remaining lazy and studying at the last minute will not ensure the best scores that you could have gotten had you started studying well in advance. Anyhow, start studying now and good luck for your upcoming exams! Stay strong. 🙂

~ ICSE Helper

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So not start exam preparation for 2014 board exam. Still searching for board exam study tips. In your friend circle or some source you even heard that we can pass in board exam by 3 day or one night study that is true or not. If you just want passing score in 10th result 2014 then check one day study tips here.

How to get passing marks in 10th board exam

  • Firstly collect the all study material
  • Suppose you want to start with English subject and your knowledge is zero.
  • Collect last five year paper of board exam.
  • Compare the question and check each unit that which on e carry highest marks.
  • Firstly start with simple and easy chapters
  • Read carefully all chapters and try to learn.
  • In exam paper attempt all question if you not knows the question answer write anything about question.
  • In answer use topics and points to gives answer.
  • Make some diagram if needed

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