Computer Students: Check out this blog!

Hey there! I was browsing through WordPress and came across this blog on Java. Since I didn’t take Computer as a subject myself and am not able to provide tips on the same, I thought readers would be interested to know that there is a blog made exclusively for Java students. As it states in its tagline, the blog has solved Java programs based on the I.C.S.E. syllabus. Here’s the link:

JFS :: Java for Students 

Do check it out! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Computer Students: Check out this blog!

  1. sadia saeed says:

    may ICSE ki student nahi ho not mail me these questions again.agr apkay pass BISE fsd Board kay lia koi important questions hay to mail karay warna na karay mujay ye question nahi chayain


  2. soumik says:

    write a program to check if a number is primemoral or not. eg: entered no.=23. output=product of all prime nos. from 1 upto 23.


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